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Upcoming Projects

We’ve partnered with local non-profit organization Southern Tier Environments for Living and SWBR architects to start developing 50 units within mixed-use buildings, single-family homes, and duplexes in the Fruit Belt. Construction is likely to start in March 2022. Learn more about our plans below and click here:

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Multi-Family Apartment Building

A three-story 33 apartment building is planned for the corner of High and Peach Streets:

Peach Street Elevation
High Street Elevation
View at the Corner of High and Peach Streets

Floor Plans

The building will include 1 and 2-bedroom apartments, community spaces, and an office for the Fruit Belt Community Land Trust:

First Floor
Second Floor
Third Floor

Single Family Homes

Floor Plan

Duplex Homes

2-Bedroom Duplexes

3-Bedroom Duplexes

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