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Land Liberation for Self Determination

April 2021 Newsletter

We want to hear from you!

As a community organization, it is our duty to engage with community members on a regular basis, which is why moving forward we will be hosting monthly virtual town hall meetings where we answer your questions and hear your concerns. We are also asking the community to take our survey, link below.

Last month’s Virtual Town Hall Meeting

For the month of March, our meeting drew 65 community members! And there were many questions that we addressed.

Here is a re-cap of some highlights from the meeting:

What is the parking plan for 326 High Street units?
We realize that parking is an ongoing issue for residents of the Fruit Belt with many workers from the medical campus taking up parking spaces that residents need. Our board continues to consider amendments to the High Street project, including parking. A Planning Board Application has been submitted for the FBCLT/STEL Development, and included in that report is a Parking Demand Report. The tax credit application will be submitted following approval of the physical project by the Planning Board. The link to the planning Board materials is on our website. As we find out more information, please be on the lookout for updates via our monthly virtual town hall meetings, social media, mail, website, newsletter, and more.

What board seats are open?
There are three board seats open; two General Representatives and one Public Representative. To apply for any one of these positions, please do so anytime before July 14th, or 10 days prior to our annual meeting on July 24th. We will not accept applications after July 14th. Please advise that as per our bylaws, the general membership elects the board member, then the board elects the officers at the first board meeting after the general election.

If you’re interested in joining our marketing committee, please email Lindita at

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